The Best Eyebrow Kits Available Right Now

Rebecca Shaw
The Best Eyebrow Kits Available Right Now
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One of the biggest trends for fall is a full, defined eyebrow. It’s a powerful yet youthful look that we’re already eyeing (and loving!) on celebs like Camilla Belle and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. But the truth is, well-groomed brows are always in style. They help to frame your face, giving a beautiful and polished look. In fact, eyebrows have become such an important part of our beauty routines that there are makeup artists specializing in brow shaping full time! Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire one to get brow perfection. You’ll simply need one of the best eyebrow kits available and a mirror!

Grooming is essential. Most of us started with plucking, and later graduated to waxing to achieve the perfect arches. But by adding a few extra steps with one of these kits, you can transform your eyebrows from average to starlet! Brow powder and a brow brush add fullness. Stencils are included to make shaping a breeze. Tweezers and pencils sculpt your ideal shape, and brow wax and gels keep eyebrows in place all day. They also come with easy instructions and picture tutorials to remove any guesswork! No matter what eyebrow shape you prefer, one of these kits will help you keep them looking their best!

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This fool-proof brow kit has all the tools for perfectly full, arched and defined eyebrows! You'll find customizable color for both brunettes and blondes, as well as step-by-step instructions. (Two Faced Brow Envy, $35.00,

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A best-seller from the queen of eyebrows! This kit includes tweezers, brow powder, stencils in 5 shapes, a mini duo brush and her famous clear brow gel. Choose from 5 shades! (Anastasia 5-Element Brow Kit, $65.00,

Shape and define your brows anywhere with this convenient travel kit! It'€™s packed with mini-tweezers, light/dark brow powder, brow wax and a mini angle brush. They've even included their popular black eyeliner and brow highlighting powder! (Benefit Brows A-Go-Go, $38.00,

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We've trusted our eyebrows to their tweezers, and now you can keep your brows in the best shape with this mini rescue kit- equipped with travel-sized Brow mousse, brow highlighter, tweezers and a brow brush. A purse essential! (Tweezerman Mini Brow Kit, $25.00,

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You can’t beat the quality and price of this professional eyebrow kit! Inside you’ll find four reusable stencils, tweezers, an eyebrow brush, brow setting mascara, and eyebrow powder – all you need to define and shape your brows like a pro! (Elf Essential Eyebrow Collection, $5.00,

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