Davines Melu Split Ends Repairing Serum

Megan McIntyre

Nothing ruins a great hairstyle like split ends. Common in dry, damaged hair, split ends are one of the biggest hair problems that women face, especially those with long hair. Brushing your hair too much and over-using heat styling tools can also worsen breakage, damaging your strands and making them look more like hay than hair. That’s where this fab serum comes in: It’s loaded with natural extracts of cherry oil, keratin and vitamin E to help repair current split ends and prevent future ones from forming. Lost moisture is instantly replenished and hair is left looking shiny and full, feeling soft and smelling absolutely heavenly. Bonus: It also protects your hair from heat damage caused by blowdryers, straighteners and curling irons.

Price: $28
Where To Buy: davines.com for salons

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