What’s His Is Hers: 4 Men’s Beauty Products To Share

Julia DiNardo

Over the years, you’ve grown tired of brothers and boyfriends depleting your favorite (and sometimes expensive) shampoos, lotions, body washes, hair products and the like, wishing that they would just go get their own. Now, with a huge growth in men’s care (aka men’s beauty) products, there are some items that you might actually want to borrow from him! We’ve narrowed it down to four products that work great and tend to be unisex in scent, so that you don’t walk away smelling like, you know, you just stepped off the set of an Axe commercial.

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What It Is: Dove Men + Care Invisible Solid Deodorant, Extra Fresh Scent
Why It’s So Great: Dove Men + Care Offers an Invisible Solid, which is kind of unusual to the men’s market, is non-irritating, and most importantly POWERFUL. It boasts 48 hour protection but also includes Dove’s signature 1/4 moisturizing components without masking the sweat with an overly manly fragrance. Sometimes, deodorants for women just don’t cut it, but it doesn’t mean you should settle for something that is blatantly for the dudes.
Price: $4.50
Available: Walgreens, Dove

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What It Is: LAB Series Max Ls Age-Less Face Cream
Why It’s So Great: Why do people always say that guys look better with age? Maybe we can compete a bit, if we use their cream! This 1.7 oz cream works great on all skin types, is extremely moisturizing with a relatively reasonable price, considering similar products and offerings of the same caliber catered specifically toward women. It’s anti-aging, quick-absorbing, has a cooling hydration sensation, and can be applied both day and/or night.
Price: $65
Available: Macy’s, LAB Series

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What It Is: Origins Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Wash
Why It’s So Great: It’s not something we like to discuss, but ‘body breakouts’ occur; bacne, the backs of arms, decolletage — it happens. The last thing you need though, is a big, medicinal-smelling bottle of body wash glaring at you from your shower with the words “Body Acne Wash” splashed for all to see. So… we like the Origins Skin Diver Active Charcoal Body Wash not only for its witty name and sleek packaging and approach, but also because it works hard to remove the pore-clogging sweat and bacteria while exuding the rejuvenating and squeaky-clean scents of Spearmint and Rosemary. Maybe tell him he needs it so he’ll buy it, but then loofah it up all over you!
Price: $18.50
Available: Origins, Drugstore.com

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What It Is: Vaseline MEN Body & Face Extra Strength Lotion
Why It’s So Great: If products of great quantity, value, and price can exist for men and there’s no women’s equivalent – use it! You would never see a women’s body and face lotion product in one, at $4, in a 10 oz bottle (and if you do definitely let us know!). Great for the winter months, it works hard to heal severely dry skin, and although it has a slightly manly smell, it won’t stick around — the lotion absorbs within 15 seconds to rapidly moisturize and hydrate.
Price: about $4
Available: Wal-Mart, Drugstore.com