Truth Art Beauty: Organic Skincare You Co-Create


What happens when two health-conscious businesswomen start mixing their own beauty remedies? You get Truth Art Beauty, an organic skincare line that moves natural, made-to-order products to the mainstream.

Launched in February by business school chums Emily Graham and Caron Proschan, Truth Art Beauty grew out of the belief that skincare should be like food: made and consumed fresh. As a result, the companys luxe eye balms, face oils, salves, and scrubs are crafted from pure, unprocessed ingredients, and are packaged and shipped promptly to ensure quality and freshness.

Even better, customers have the option to co-create their products. Using an online tool, high-quality, natural ingredients can be added to meet desired result and skin type. Truth Art Beauty then mixes the blend and sends it you. (Talk about customization!)

Below, Caron and Emily dish on their company, Spring beauty, and why going natural will save your skin. Visit to learn more and to make your own blend.

Through its been around for ages, organic skincare has only recently become more popular. What personally drew you to it?

Emily: Ive always made my own skincare, and its always been organic. I did a lot of research in San Francisco, where Im from, and have been formulating and experimenting for the last ten years. Ive learned that skincare thats natural, organic, and free of synthetics is not only healthier, it also leads to better performance.

Caron: I didnt know about organic skincare at all — I actually learned about it from Emily! Before that, I would just go into Sephora, buy things off the shelf, and not even pay attention to the list of ingredients. Emily taught me how important natural skincare was. People are obsessed with fresh and organic foods, but they dont realize that what you put onto your skin is just as important because its absorbed into your body.

How did the idea for Truth Art Beauty develop?

Caron: Emily and I met in business school and immediately bonded. We also shared a love for beauty and skincare. When I found out she was actually mixing her own products, I convinced her to make me a blend. I loved it! It felt healthier, and was a lot more effective and gentle. I actually noticed a difference. So last year, we thought it would be great to create a business where we brought this concept of custom, natural, made-to-order skincare to a wider audience. The few companies that were producing truly natural skincare were more hippie than hip, so we aimed to deliver a really high performance product, but also make it accessible, stylish, and sophisticated. Something our peers would want to use.

How is Truth Arty Beauty different from other natural skincare lines out there?

Caron: No other company lets its users actively participate in the creation of their own blend. On the site, you can select the individual ingredients you want, and well blend the product fresh. Not only is it customized and tailored to your needs, its also empowering because you know what is going into your product and body.

Emily: Also, our ingredients are unrefined. We dont put any synthetic preservatives in our products that give them years of shelf life. We pack the products fresh and encourage customers to use them by their expiration dates. When used fresh, the ingredients retain their key bioactives, which maximize the delivery of antioxidants to protect the skin.

Spring has finally sprung! Any seasonal skin tips?

Emily: A great way to get your skin rejuvenated for Spring is facial massage. Youll notice an immediate improvement in your complexion because propercirculation nourishes cells and drains toxins. Its really easy just apply your favorite facial oil or moisturizer in long sweeping strokes. Ive been using our Argan Face Nourish, which is really light and great for Spring.I apply pressure along the bone structure around my eyes and base of my nose, and then press downward to the chin. Remember to pay special attention to your neck, which has high concentrations of lymph nodes.

Caron: I lived in my boots this winter. Because my feet weren’t exposed, I totally neglected them. For a mini at-home spa treatment, I like to do a 10-minutefootsoak with warm water, milk, and honey, followed by a scrub with a pumice stone. Then one of my fave tricks is to slather my feet in a really moisturizing oil or lotion and wear cotton socks to bed. Do this for a few days and your feet will be amazingly soft and sandal ready.

Truth Art Beauty products can be co-created and purchased at Pre-made blends can also be found at Journelle, Musu, and Georgia NY.

Photos courtesy of Truth Art Beauty and Larkin Clark.