Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Bag


Every year you probably do a spring cleaning in your home and in your closet but have you ever done one for your makeup bag? This is the perfect time to clean, overhaul, edit and organize everything that you use to make you beautiful.

Heres what to do:
1. Gather all your makeup bags/kits and take everything out, laying them on paper towels.

2. Take all your makeup brushes and give them a bath!
Remember, clean brushes also help with fighting against breakouts and allergic reactions. To wash your brushes, you can try professional makeup cleansers like: Sephora Collection Daily Brush Cleaner, MAC Brush Cleanser, Sephora Collection Make Up Brush Cleansing Wipes or Cover FX Brush Cleanser.Another great product that’s very economical (and works double duty) is Dawn Dishwashing Liquid Plus Hand Renewal!

3. Wash your bags, kits, and products.
Its not just your brushes that should be cleaned you should also clean your bag/kit and products that may have attracted dirt, dust, and debris on both the outside and inside of the lids, caps and covers. Sanitizing products are key here. Use sanitizing wipes like Cleanwell Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes or Sani Hands Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes, and swipe the inside of your bags and kit compartments.
Tip: Depending on the makeup bag material, toss it in your washing machine or even dish washing machine on the delicate cycle every month or so to keep fresh and clean. You should also use the wipes to clean the outside and inside of power, lip, eye shadow, blush and foundation compacts, bottles and tubes.

4. Toss what you dont use
Now is the time to say goodbye to those products either you no longer use, or are seriously expired (there may be a noticeable smell or change in texture, color has faded, or products have melted, dried or are crumbling). Also check the bottom or side of the products to look for an expiration date.

Photo: istock.com