Our Trick For Achieving Those Perfect Curls This Holiday

Amanda Elser

If you’re super-stressing over all the events you have to attend in the next couple weeks, don’t worry — we’re here to help! The best thing you can do to look fresh and festive at each and every party is to keep your hair looking gorgeous.

Our favorite way to amp it up is to add a few curls to your ‘do, but who really wants to deal with hot rollers and sectioning off your hair when you’re crunched for time? The secret is to invest in different-sized curling irons to create a tousled and natural effect. For example, use a small 1-inch iron on the front pieces of your hair so they’re extra-curly, and then bigger barrels like the 1 1/2-inch size on the bottom and underside pieces for a light wave or retro flip.

When choosing a curling iron we like to pick rods that are easy-to-use like Revlon Curl Stay Titanium Curling Iron. Plus, this iron creates long-lasting curls and the titanium is less damaging to your hair than other types of metal irons.

Luckily the irons made by Revlon are a total steal ($18-$20) so you can afford to buy two or three to totally rock this style. Or better yet — put them down on your Christmas list and maybe Santa will get them for you!