Bumble & L’Oreal Find Healthier Straightening Options

Rachel Adler

After the Brazilian Blowout controversery earlier this year, companies have been scrambling to find better (re: healthier) options to satisfy customers who still want that sleek and straight look without the um, cancer.

This fall, Bumble and Bumble and L’Oreal Professionnel are both releasing their own formaldehyde free hair smoothing treatments. The two are offering extremely different options, both giving in salon treatments (which are still receiving a bad rep in the market due Brazilian Blowout’s ongoing Cosmetic Industry Review, which we should know the results of later this fall.)

For Bumble, they will be launching Concen-straight Pro Treatment in October, their first-ever in-salon straightening treatment that is designed to last up to 30 shampoos and can be customized to adjust to the desired straightness level of the client’s hair. According to WWD, they are “using a technology that consists of a gemstone blend designed to vibrate and loosen hair’s inner S-bonds, which give it a natural curve,” said Fadi Mourad, executive director, product development. At home a straightening kits will also be a part of this line, which will consist of Bumble and Bumble Straight (a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in styler).

L’oreal Professionnel is launching a chemical straightening service, Xtenso Moisturist in about 12 salons. They are doing this for a bit of a preview, like they did with their ammonia-free INOA at first. Xtenso Moisturist “is much like a chemical straightening service. We don’t compare ourselves with keratin, because keratin is surface treatment, where you don’t chemically change the hair. Xtenso Moisturist is indeed a chemical service,” said Laurie Lam, director of marketing, L’Oreal Professinnel USA.

Are you interested in trying one of these healthier options? Or have you embraced your natural texture?