Best DIY Hair Removers For Silky Smooth Results


Bathing suit season has been upon us for a while, but with this heat wave there’s nothing that I want to do more than cool off in the water, whether it’s a pool, the ocean or even a sprinkler! And we all know that when you’re wearing a bathing suit, you need to be taken care of down there. Most people don’t want to try at home hair removers because they think it will be too messy or are tired of shaving because of ingrown hairs, especially with it being so accessible to walk into any salon to get a Brazilian or bikini wax. But if you don’t have the time for frequent salon visits (and want to save the money) there are many options you can choose from to take care of it yourself as well as treatments to help against all the annoyances that usually come with shaving and hair removers. And they are all relatively easy to make for a happy hair removal!