Red Hot Lips: 5 Of The Truest Reds For Your Pout


Spend some time at any makeup counter testing red lipstick out on the back of your hand, and you’ll quickly realize a “true” red lip color is hard to come bymost hues lean towards blue or orange tones.

Warmer reds can do wonders for skin with golden undertones, and blue-ish reds can instantly create a sophisticated statement on fairer complexions all while making your smile appear whiter. Sometimes, you’ll find a shade of lipstick that’s neither blue nor orangea pure, sizzling hue. This kind of red will suit any (and in my opinion, every) pair of lips. A true red pout is the stuff of iconsMarilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball, Gwen Stefani, Katharine Hepburn and Amanda Lepore are just a few of the fabulous ladies who have made this look legendary.

It’s retro, timeless and ladylike with a twist of danger. The perfect red lipstick should be your makeup bag’s secret weaponhere are our tried-and-true picks for the ultimate lips.