Poppy King Designs Lipstick Line for Boots No7

Rachel Adler

Poppy King has pretty much had a record year — the Lipstick Queen has collaborated on lines with J.Crew and Kate Spade, and this month will release her latest collection — a line with Boots No7.

The line, which consists of seven lipsticks and seven glosses to match, is donned The Magic of Lipstick and took almost a year to create. King who has been a longtime fan of Boots No7 after discovering the line during her London travels told Allure that she went through the company’s archives while designing the line and drew much of her inspiration from the 1930s. “I wanted to use the silver that was on the Boots packaging then, and the shape and styling of the number ‘7’ reminiscent of the ’30s,” said King. She also noted that she combined the era’s love for color with what the Boots costumer wants, stating, “I wanted to ease women back into lipstick — the Boots’ customer needs something that works, something that is elegant, and something that is low maintenance.”

The colors, ranging from a peachy-nude to a sheer raspberry are inspired by the seven reasons why lipstick is “magical,” with names such as History, Power, Glamour, Seduction, Intrigue, Confidence and Allure. As for the adorable packaging? It’s inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s beauty “spot” which King says is an “imperfection” — and, “imperfections make us who we are.”

The full line is available now on shopbootsusa.com and will be in Target stores later this month.