Over the Top Hydrating Products You’ll Want for Fall


In the fall, I prefer to slather on my army of beauty products at night because I detest that greasy feeling under my makeup. I look forward to my nighttime ritual of lathering on moisturizers and treatments, going to sleep and feeling rejuvenated and moisturized in the morning! When fall rolls around, I make sure to stock up on these heavy duty products that get the job done on those rough trouble spots in the changing temps. Here are some extreme moisturizers for the rough patches of winter (pun intended).

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Throughout fall and winter, hands progressively become dryer and dryer and have that awful chapped look about them. To keep a youthful, nourished, ‘soft as a baby’s bottom’ feel to your hands, keep C.O. Bigelow’s Chapped Hand Remedy nearby. Coat your hands (or even heels) at night and this cream will surely work wonders on even the most disastrous dry spots. (C.O. Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy, $14, bigelowchemists.com)

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Under-moisturized lips seem to be one of the biggest beauty problems in the fall and winter months and can sometimes end up being pretty painful. It’s hard to think about now when the weather is unnaturally warm, but when those winds are whipping, it can take a toll on your puckers. Make sure to keep Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy on hand to try and fend off those dreaded chapped lips. The original flavor has a fresh, minty feel but don’t rule out other flavors such as Black Tea & Blackberry or Vanilla & Lavender. (Jack Black Intense Lip Therapy, $7, sephora.com)

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Most daily body moisturizers will suffice when applied regularly, but sometimes those elbows can be pesky and annoyingly dry. Pick up Yes to Carrots Hands and Elbow Cream and slather on damp elbows for maximum absorption. (Yes to Carrots Hands and Elbow Cream, $10, yestocarrots.com)

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There is nothing worse than a torn cuticle that gets snagged when taking on and off your gloves so often in the cold weather. Philosophy’s hand and cuticle cream does the trick and nourishes your hands and cuticles so you have an ouch-free season with smoother, softer hands. (Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand and Cuticle Cream, $10, philosophy.com)

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The under eye area has such delicate skin, is often overlooked and can be tricky to treat. Look no further. Thanks to Kiehl’s Eye Treatment with avocado, we can all have hydrated and moisturized under eyes that provide the perfect base for your fave concealer. Gently tap this treatment around your under eye and let your skin reap the benefits. (Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, $27, kiehls.com)