Labor Day: Beauty Essentials for Final Moments of Summer

Amanda Elser

It is Labor Day Weekend, which means one last chance to use up all of your summer beauty products, lie in the sun, and mentally prepare yourself for the impending drop in temperature. Here are somebeauty essentials we recommend to get you through the long holiday weekend with a minimal beauty routine, so you can spend more time relaxing on the beach and less time in front of the mirror.

1. This Mallinger crochet finished hat with suede tie is not only great to protect your face and head from the sun, it’s stylish and also on sale!

2. Supergoop SPF 30+ sunscreen wipes are the most convenient and quick way to apply sunscreen. Remember, functionality is key.

3. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray will be the only hair product you need this Labor Day weekend. With all the benefits of salt water with none of the drawbacks, this texturizing spray will give your hair volume and style to achieve those beach-blown waves one last time.

4. Nothing is worse than trying to gracefully jump out of the pool and only to have clumps of mascara running down your face. Use DiorShow Waterproof Mascara to lengthen your lashes and keep them glamorized through any summer shower.

5. Get all the use out of your favorite summer perfume this weekend, before you have to transition into your fall scent (yes, there is such a thing). Daisy Marc Jacobs is the quintessential summer scent, and this purse spray is extra easy to pack.

6. If you didn’t achieve your desired bronze glow this summer, NARS highlighter/blush duo is the best way look effortlessly sun kissed this weekend without the sun damage.