Kelly Rutherford Talks Flawless Skin & Celeb Pressures

Rachel Adler

Being surrounded by beauty experts daily, there are quite a few perks to my job. One of my favorites is learning about the crucial beauty habits that your mom forgot to tell you about such as starting your anti-aging regimen once you hit the age of 18. Another fave is of course meeting fabulous celebrities like Kelly Rutherford of GG, and finding out she is completely down-to-earth.

At a Zeno breakfast the other day I was introduced to their latest product, the Wrinkle Reduction Kit. The brand known for their acne products are now branching into our newest worry, those pesky little lines. The two-part system is comprised of a hand-held vibrating device (that contours to fit underneaht your eye area) with soothing heat and red LED technology along with a serum that helps to optimize the results.

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Rutherford recommended using it along the jawline as well, and mentioned that she loved the fact that the product includes an LED light since that’s often something you go to the spa to pay for. We then got talking about fashion (of course – since she was dressed in a gorge neutral ensemble with Louboutins to match) and she shared that white jeans are a must for spring.

In terms of makeup, Rutherford added that she likes to keep things light (she is a busy mom of two after all!) but loves Stila Lip Gloss and pink blushes. She also mentioned that using a lighter cream on your face is crucial for spring to let your skin breath more.

She finished by noting that she doesn’t think that she feels so much of a pressure to look younger because of her celebrity status, but rather, “We all want to look and feel our best, whatever our reasons, we all have different motivations going on. Whether it’s to look great for our age because you know, we love our husbands and we want to look great, or because you’re an actor, or because you’re in front of people because you’re an executive, it’s that you feel better when you look in the mirror and you’re doing great things for yourself.” She added, “It’s also just helping you to feel younger, which is the important thing at the end of the day.”

Photo: Jamie McCarthy, WireImage