Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes Dishes Her Beauty Essentials


As I was searching for a new beauty story I decided to tweet @sea_of_shoes blogger extraordinaire Jane Aldridge, shoe queen and world traveler to ask for her top five favorite beauty products. Not only did she dish some of her top products but she gave some deets as well! The transaction follows…

My Tweet:@sea_of_shoes what are your top 5 beauty products?

Her tweet: I like makeup forevers hd foundation, t le clerc eyebrow pencil, serge lutens lipstick, and Patricia wexlers skincare!

My Tweet:@sea_of_shoes any particular shades of the Serge Lutens lipstick?

Her Tweet:@dinacook of course! and i like all of serge lutens red lipstick shades because they dont use blue undertones–which can be clownish!

Check out the slideshow above to see her picks!

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