Illamasqua Makes You a Muse With New Collection

Rachel Adler

Brit beauty brand Illamasqua has caused quite the buzz on the interwebs today due to their collaboration with funeral homes to provide great makeup to the, er, no longer living. But, we want to talk to you about the makeup that we can enjoy right now.

The brand has released a new color collection, Magenta Muse, full of metallics, mattes, and opalescent finishes to “make you a muse by midnight.” Always interested in their nail polish first and foremost, Poke (a bright violet shimmer), Muse (a deep teal blue) and DWS (a cement gray) are three standouts.

As for the lips, you’ll need to get your hands on the Electrify Sheer Lipgloss (a baby pink sheen) and if you’re daring, Underworld Lipstick (an iridescent violet – pictured above).

All Magenta Musa products are available at and