Former Ford Model Stacey Schieffelin Talks Beauty And ybf

Rachel Adler

Stacey Schieffelin, a Ford model for over 20 years took all of the knowledge she gained from years in the industry and put it into her own cosmetics line, ybf. After spending hours in the makeup chair on shoots, she discovered a love for makeup and what exactly it could do for a person if you knew how to use it just right. Now Schieffelin spreads that know-how to her customers with her cosmetics line and on HSN with regular appearances. Read on for her insight into her line and love for her industry.

What made you decide to get involved in the makeup industry?
When I share my love of cosmetics on HSN in millions of households, guide thousands of women through a makeover on our annual cruises or create beautiful prestige products for our ybf beauty line and with our team, the goal isnt to hide who the actual person is, but rather to accentuate a persons features and natural beauty every day! Makeup has the power to transform not only our looks but our inner feelings and really present to the world the way we feel about who we are as women through our lifes journey. I have always had a love for color, textures, form and function and the business of makeup combines all those magical powers. Makeup offers the wearer empowerment, it can unearth our carefree, confident and can-do attitude.

Being a model, did you pick up on any beauty secrets that you still use today?
Being a Ford model was one of the most fascinating, impressionable, and self-exploring periods of my life. For sixteen years, I worked hard, traveled to fifty-two countries, met wonderful people and along the way I was fortunate enough to pick up beauty tips, tricks and so many secrets from the professionals that surrounded me on and off the cat walk! Over the sixteen years, little did I know then, that the people that I was blessed to meet would shape my knowledge and the love for my second career – cosmetics! It sounds crazy but the best beauty secret I ever learned was how to shape shift my features to essentially shape and reshape my bone structure any which way I desired! As a model in front of the camera, contouring and highlighting is the best kept secret and once you learn it you never forget how photo finished you can look all the time!

What is unique about ybf compared to things youve done in the past?
ybf beauty products are innovative, multi-functional, easy to apply and deliver maximum results with minimal efforts at an affordable price. Our product line has to be inclusive and never exclusive! We develop and launch products for all women no matter their skin tone or condition as we are in so many households when we present on television in the USA, UK & Canada. Our ybf Color Care Beauty System is focused on cosmetics that care for your skin. ybf products are infused with our exclusive Smart Active Complex, a paraben-free formula enriched with natural extracts from the earth, which treat your skin and protect it from the most damaging stress aggressors like: UV damage, air pollution, smoking, environmental toxins, and aging. The proprietary complex assists in acting as a personal skin monitor, helping protect your most precious natural resource – your beautiful skin – from environmental damage. Another amazing feature is that all ybf shades are carefully selected to enhance and adjust to any skin tone for a personalized look. ybf colors and textures are buildable and adjustable in the intensity, always leaving you with a true customized and flawless look.

What are some of your cant-live-without products?
Id like to say I can live without many things but come on girlfriends, we know what our must-haves are! I cant live without our ybf eyebrow pencil! Our eyes are our windows to the soul, bring alive our facial expressions and emotions and they deserve to shine and what better way to feature our eyes than to give them brows that WOW! Eye brows frame, open up and help structure our pretty peepers. Dont overlook the importance of well-groomed browsits a pencil-perfect easy effect that we can all master.

Springs coming up, what are some of your favorite trends that you hope to see women wearing?
The trends for Spring will be soft, romantic but still full of fun splashes of color. I hope women are not afraid to sport the bold & beautiful lip colors that are gracing the pages of magazines everywhere and are blooming in season. My favorite looks always start out with even skin tone no matter the season. Use a yellow-based neutralizing cream or powder to achieve this by keeping skin soft, protected and balanced. Create your spring thing look with rosy cream blushed cheeks to stay hydrated and dewy. Add pink, red or coral flushed lips with a stick or stain (your preference) and glaze them with high shine glosses. Rim those pretty glistening eyes with a chocolate brown soft and creamy eye liner pencil to add some definition and make those bedroom eyes pop. Finish your look with extra rich black volumizing and lengthening mascara. You will be ethereal, dewy and have just enough color to spring awaken your beautiful canvas.

What is the question you get asked most frequently by your customers?
The question girlfriends age 18 to 80 ask – is how can I look well rested? Were all running a million miles a minute these days multi-tasking is common! Yellow-based concealers and neutralizers are the undercover agents which help camouflage whatever your heart desires, and aids in freshening up and evening out your fabulous face! Wake up the look of tired eyes and mask aging tell-tale signs like broken capillaries, scars, blemishes, imperfections and spider veins. ybf brighten, hide and sculpt concealer offer a unique 3-shade system for complete color customization for just YOU shades to match skins depth of color, skins undertones, and a darker shade for contouring!

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