Fast Fixes For Your Foundation


Todays foundations are lighter, easier to work with and come in a much wider range of colors and formulas than those even 5 years ago. However, you still may find yourself in a bind with your foundation. Here are some easy ways to fix some of the most common foundation issues, so your skin can look its best every day.

Mismatched Color

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Youve bought a shade in the drugstore that you swore would be the perfect match but its slightly off, especially in day light. Heres what you can do.

Youre going to have to play mix-master for this to work, but Three Custom Color has a wonderful cream concealer/foundation formula called Concealer Trio Light-Medium (it also comes in Medium-Dark), that you can blend with your current foundation to warm/cool, lighten or darker your shade in a pinch. For even more shades to choose from, try their Professional Concealer Palette, which also has tools for mixing included.

Foundation looks Ashy/Grey

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Again, a little mixing required here, but Make Up For Ever makes a wonderful camouflage palette that is perfect for warming up a foundation color so that all the grey tones disappear! 5 Camouflage Cream Palette – No. 4 is the best group of shades for mixing.

Blending Problems

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If you have a foundation that youre having a hard time getting a flawless finish with, the best solution is to use the Beauty Blender. Its one of the best makeup application sponges on the market. It fits perfectly in your hand, and is made of a unique material that allows you to work with small and larger areas of the face. Dampen it first to make the application even easier.


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Blend a few drops of an acne treatment serum or lotion with a tinted moisturizer or foundation and then apply. Youll get the added benefit of reducing the size and inflammation of the pimples, along with additional coverage throughout the day. Try Peter Thomas Roth Acne Spot and Area Treatment, Murad Acne Spot Treatment or Oxy Acne Clearing Treatment.


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