Daphne Guinness Shows Sneak Peek of MAC Collab

Rachel Adler

MAC Cosmetics is well-known for their fabulous collaborations, teaming up with the likes of Gareth Pugh, Johnny Weir and even Miss Piggy to create new products. Most of them make our hearts beat a little bit faster, but when we heard about the collab with Daphne Guinness, we could only let our imaginations run wild on what the eclectic fashion icon would bring to the world of beauty.

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Well now, she has begun to release some previews of her products via Twitter. Yesterday Guinness sent out a picture of herself wearing her nail polish, “Hyperion,” a light gray shade as well as a gorgeous burgundy gloss called “Approaching Storm.”

We can only imagine what else is to come, but so far she has definitely piqued are interest.

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