Clarisonic for Less: Get the Benefits Without The Price Tag

Julia DiNardo

Who knew that soap, water, and a washcloth was so antiquated? I certainly didnt until the Clarisonic came along. The product, which retails for $195 for the Classic and $149 for the new, smaller Mia version comes with its own set of cleansers and the vibrating, wiggling, brush, which youre supposed to move in a circular motion around your face at timed intervals. The point? It boasts to deep clean, removing makeup up to six times better than that old manual cleansing method, smoothes, and helps to reduce the size of pores, oily skin, and dry patches. Similar electronic and scrubbing devices have come out on the market since, all at lower price points. If youre into the Clarisonic effect but dont want to fork over the cash, here are some options that will go the distance for you without the cost.

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What It Is: Nutra Sonic 2-Speed Travel Companion with Skin Polish
What it Does: The Nutra Sonic offers the same features as the Clarisonic, such as being terrific at removing makeup, oil, and dirt from the skin. It comes with an exfoliating skin polish microdermabrasion creme, however other creams or gentle cleansers of your liking can be purchased and used with it, such as Cetaphyl.
Price: $49.95 (include a 1-year Glamour Subscription)
Available: HSN

106368 1291149721 Clarisonic for Less: Get the Benefits Without The Price Tag

What It Is: Neutrogena Wave
What It Does: Unlike the above chargeable version, the Wave runs on batteries (but dont worry, its still water-resistant), comes with the AA battery and two weeks worth of disposable pads, and also states it removes more dirt, oil, and makeup than the old school manual method in fact it says it does it ten times better! When the foaming pads run out, you can purchase a 30-pack of three varieties, which will run about $10 a pack
Price: about $12
Available:, Target, drugstores nationwide

106366 1291149718 Clarisonic for Less: Get the Benefits Without The Price Tag

What It Is: Pretika Sonic Dermabrasion Facial Brush
What It Does: Using sonic high frequency micro-pulsating technology, it has two speed levels for gentle cleansing and more intense exfoliating. Designed for all skin types, it also has a non-porous and bacteria resistant micro-fiber bristle brushes. From what we could tell, it didnt come with any creams or polishes, but like the Nutro Sonic, or even the Clarisonic, you can squirt your own facial cleansers onto them.
Price: about $50
Available:, Pretika, drugstores nationwide

106365 1291149717 Clarisonic for Less: Get the Benefits Without The Price Tag

What It Is: Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew The Brusher Gel-Cleanser
What It Does: Recommended to move in circular motions over the face (sound familiar?), this hand-held, manual device says it is clinically proven to makes moisturizer 90% more effective, make skin twice as clean and smooth, deep-clean, exfoliate, get rid of dead skin cells, and impurities. Rotate the top and squeeze to release the cleanser gel into the bristles. No batteries, no chargers, just product infused with Vitamins B5 and E.
Price: about $5
Available: Wal-mart, Ulta, drugstores nationwide

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