The Busy Girl’s Face Cream: Kinerase Ultra Light SPF 30


You wake up in the morning and whether you’re rushing out of the apartment or just can’t stand using cream after cream, everyone needs to find a skincare routine that works for them. For some that means a medicine cabinet filled with products and for others it means one product that does everything. “One product!?!” you ask with enough shock to start an avalanche, Yes. While you used to need three creams that did different things, now you can find all-in-one products. You can get SPF, hydration and wrinkle correction all in one!

Kinerase has found a wonderful solution for us on-the-go girls who can’t be bother with a million creams; Kinerase Ultra Light SPF 30. This cream gives you sun protection, hydration and reduces wrinkles, inflamation and redness of the skin. Perfect for the multi-taskers, as it’s a multi-tasker itself.

(Kinerase Ultra Light SPF 30, $76.50