Bobbi Brown’s Secret of the Universe


Bobbi Brown has been holding out on us as she has unlocked the secret of the universe. Big Bang theories and The Secret aside, Bobbi Brown’s secret is even better as it applies to each of our respective centers of the universe: ourselves.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has debuted a new corrector and concealer formula designed to eliminate dark under eye circles and instantly awaken the appearance of your eyes and face. Already improving upon the original formula, the Corrector ($22) and Concealer ($22) are designed with added vitamins and minerals.

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Moreover, the concealer has a more concentrated formula so a little goes a long way but the creamy texture allows for less tapping and blending to apply. This translates to a moisturizing concealer that won’t cake or leave your under eye looking dry throughout the day.

The Creamy Concealer Kit ($32) includes one shade of the fourteen available creamy concealers and a pressed powder to, “give a little more of a sheer pickup and laydown of the powder over the concealer” as the executive director of product development explains.

For more suggestions on how to apply your concealer, check out Bobbi Brown’s tips in the video below: