Banish Your Bug Bites With These Bug Sprays

Rachel Adler

I don’t know about you, but with all of these summer BBQ’s, late night dinners on outdoor patios, humid days in the parks and long hikes (yes, that isn’t commonplace for me but I did actually venture out this past weekend)I have been more than one mosquito’s meal.

Although I may remember to apply my SPF religiously in the morning, bug spray isn’t something that I’ve made a habit as of yet. But, now that I have nice red splotches all up and down my body like a strange version of the Chicken Pox, I’ve been in search of something to add to my routineor at least stick in my purse for emergencies.

Below are some of my favorite sprays that I’ve come across throughout the years (and need to bring along more often)what are yours?

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These handy little wipes from La Fresh make applying bug spray easy. You can tuck them in your pocket or bag, and they don’t leave behind that super-greasy residue or yucky smell. (La Fresh All Natural Biodegradable Insect Repellant, $3.39,

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This all-natural spray by Burt’s Bees is long-lasting and can be applied near your lovable pet or even young kids. (Burt’s Bees All Natural Outdoor Insect Repellant, $7.99,

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This spray was designed by a mother for her kids, but is actually great for people with sensitive skin. It’s non-toxic and Deet free and will keep the bugs away. (California Baby Bug Repellant Spray with Citronella, $14.99,

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Jason products are obviously known for being all-natural, but this spray is very lightweight and absorbs quickly into your skin. (Jason Natural Cosmetics Quit Bugging Me, $9.95,

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For those Off! lovers, this “Family” product is in a Tropical Fresh scent to leave you smelling pretty goodnone of that weird chemical stuff and it includes aloe vera! (Off! Skintastic Spray Family Tropical Fresh, $6.49,