Proactiv Signs Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne


Proactiv Solutions is getting a new face — well, actually three. In an attempt to reinvigorate their brand, the skincare company is taking a new approach with their marketing and celebrity endorsements. The new celebrity faces of Proactiv Solutions will now be pop sensations Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne, and everyone’s favorite office employee, Jenna Fischer. Unfortunately, Jim Halpert will not be joining her on the campaign trail.

Once the leader in acne skin treatment, Proactiv is now slipping from its top seat thanks to competition from the likes of Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear and Neutrogena Skin ID, although, that may have more to do with irresistible starlet Hayden Panettiere than the actual product. But will she be a match for pop’s toughest singers? With Avril’s punk attitude and Katy’s unabashed alternative lyrics, these two may be just the fighters Proactive needs to get noticed.

Ready to take back their top spot, Proactiv is fine-tuning everything, including the product itself; it’s been rejuvenated with the all-important benzoyl peroxide, formulated into microcrystals so that it has easier access to pores. With three new faces for the brand in the new decade, Proactiv will hopefully bring about a whole new you too.

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