How Priyanka Chopra’s Hairstylist Uses This Makeup Brush to Tame Flyaways

Priyanka Chopra
Photo: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images.

We’ll say it again: Priyanka Chopra has amazing hair. Whether she’s walking the carpet, saving the country on Quantico or going on romantic dates with her rumored boyfriend, Nick Jonas, the 35-year-old actress’s thick, chocolate-brown mane always looks sleek and flyaway-free. Now, according to Chopra’s hairstylist Lacy Redway, you, too, can have on-point, Chopra-like hair, thanks to a brush that’s already in your makeup collection.

In an interview with Allure, Redway revealed that she uses—yup—a blush brush to tame her famous clients’ flyaways. The hack is pretty simple: After spraying some hairspray on the blush brush, Redway lightly brushes it on her clients’ hair, giving them flyaway-free locks for the entire night. The hairstylist referenced Chopra’s ultra-sleek look from the 2017 CFDA awards as an example of how the hack really works.

“So a tip I like to use for flyaways, I like to use a makeup blush brush,” Redway said. “I spray a little bit of hairspray on the blush brush and then I put it over the top of the hair.”

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Priyanka Chopra

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images.

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First was Brie Larson using a hairspray can to roll out her flyaways. Now it’s Chopra using a blush brush. Who needs products specifically for flyaways when we have celebrity beauty hacks? Thanks for the tip, Redway. We’re going to be using it.