The DIY Turmeric Face Mask Priyanka Chopra Learned From Her Mom

The DIY Turmeric Face Mask Priyanka Chopra Learned From Her Mom
Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images.

It’s hard to believe Priyanka Chopra didn’t find herself beautiful until her late 20s. Even if the now 35-year-old actress didn’t recognize her beauty then, we sure did. We’ve been gobbling up every makeup, skin-care, or hair trick she’s doled out, which is why we’re grateful for her latest beauty endeavor that’s given us a new DIY face mask to try out.

Chopra recently started a running video series with Harper’s Bazaar titled “Little Black Book” where she divulges the “people and practices” that help her live a “beautiful life.” The second episode aired earlier this week, and she dubbed her mom as her number-one skin-care influence—not the countless dermatologists, facialists, and makeup artists she’s worked with.

Aside from the advice to use coconut oil to remove makeup and hydrate her face, Chopra relies on another food-friendly skin-saver for exfoliation: turmeric. The native Indian spice has been around the Western skin-care block, but not in this traditional Indian face mask form.

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The mask, called Ubtan, is one of Chopra’s favorite face-fixers, and lucky for us, her and her mom spilled the details on how to make it.


Whole Wheat Flour
Lime Juice
Full-Cream Yogurt
Rose Water

Sometimes you don’t have to stick to a recipe perfectly, but Chopra’s mom made it clear that the flour has to be whole wheat to exfoliate properly. Duly noted. Once you have the ingredients, combine them in a bowl while adding more rose water as necessary to achieve a paste-like consistency. Apply to skin, and after 15 to 20 minutes, gently rub it off to scrub off dead cells, and then wash your face clear.

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Make sure to check out the whole video for more tips and tender moments. Plus, it’ll help kill the first six minutes of masking.