Here’s an Insane Rainbow Highlighter So You Can Strobe In Every Color

Cady Lang

Are you looking for a new way to strobe your face? Do you feel ho-hum about the highlighter that you’re using now? Are you a Mariah Carey fan? Do you want to feel like a unicorn? If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, then you’re probably in the market for indie beauty brand Bitter Lace Beauty’s wildly popular rainbow highlighter.

The highlighter in question is a handmade pot of luminizer that can be swiped on in a literal rainbow or blended on for a glowing, shimmering effect. And it also works on all skin tones, a definite boon.

The product, dubbed “Prism”, debuted on Etsy for $22 last week, but achieved cult internet status when a meme of the makeup went viral — to the point that the product has completely sold out.

While Bitter Lace Beauty has stated that they’re restocking their Prism supply soon, you could probably get the same effect with some rainbow-hued shadows of your own. While we can’t guarantee that they’ll give you that rainbow in one sweep, we’ve found some pretty great alternatives that you can shop below.