Pretty in Pink


There’s something so rejuvenating about the new year. Things that felt overwhelming or ordinary just a couple of weeks ago are now manageable and enjoyable. For example, this morning I walked to work with a bitter blast whipping against my face, but instead of it feeling frigid it was brisk and invigorating. Also, last night’s dinner at Cube 63 was no ordinary sushi; it was the best I’ve ever tasted. And I actually appreciated the long line at Duane Reade this afternoon because it let me enjoy the pharmacy’s genius music picks (Annie Lennox back to back with Jay Z and Morrissey). 

It seems that Givenchy and Estee Lauder subscribe to my same way of thought. Reflecting their winter optimism, they are both releasing fuchsia-infused limited edition collections later this month. Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming, so take inspiration from the runway and incorporate these brights by pairing them with neutrals. Go forward into 2009 with your best face forward, wearing a vibrant lip, soft eyes, and a warm cheek.

Givenchy’s collection will be available for purchase on, Estee Lauder’s collection will be available for purchase on