Pretty in Pink


Still looking for summer love? Minimize your laborious search by remembering the constants: love is true, love is blind, love is PINK!

Or violet, red, fuchsia, blush, and every other variant of this season’s favorite hue. This summer, receive real cosmetic affection with MAC’s new color collection, A Rose Romance. Inspired primarily by florals, A Rose Romance celebrates the delicacy and expansiveness of one of nature’s greatest gifts as the perfection of a flower translates seamlessly into the art of enhancing beauty.

The selection of colors progresses with the seasons ranging from the pale yellow buds of the spring, the vibrant blossoms of the summer, and the deepening foliage of pre-fall.

Expect an extensive arrangement with eyeshadows such as Creme de Violet, a tinted purple finished with gold accents to shine brightly during the day, and Shadowy Lady, a very deep plum color to make a sultry after-hours transition. For a more subtle “anytime” intensifyer, look for Virgin Kiss lipglass, a pearl-based light pink hue or Way to Love, a very mellowed-out yellowish pink lipstick.

For a complete list of products visit Love your summer by making it romantic.