79 Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas—Minimal Costume Required

79 Pretty Halloween Makeup Ideas—Minimal Costume Required
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You know what is super scary about Halloween? How much money some people are willing to drop on their costume. Don’t get us wrong, we’re so down to go all out on our Halloween style, however, blowing our savings just isn’t all that enticing. But when you dig into your makeup arsenal, it’s totally easy to let the creativity flow, and come up with a pretty Halloween makeup idea that’s simple—not to mention practically free.

To help you find an idea you’ll love, we’ve pulled together a huge selection of our favorite Instagram-approved looks. Some are relatively easy, like a smoky eye and matching black lipstick. Others, like an unbelievable reinterpretation of Coraline and literal work of art on one side of the face, are just a bit elevated. But regardless of what you pick, know that it more than makes up for your costume-less #OOTD. And when all else fails, know that big-name brands, including MAC, probably have you covered with a collection that embody the Halloween costume vibes you’re looking for.


Cheetah Girl.


We should all be more like Marge Simpson.

Holographic skulls are a thing and we want in.

Jessica Rabbit has arrived.

I’m so proud of you.

Spooky good.

Glam skull.

Sunset lids.


Blooming skull.

Fabulous Frida.

Hi Coraline.


Web cut-crease.

Queen of hearts.

Lavender Frankenstein.

Cleopatra in the flesh.

I see you.

Spider lashes.

A pink-haired mermaid.

Into the wild.

Hocus pocus.

A dozen roses.

A work of art.

Intergalactic hands.

Half-faced skeleton.

So wavy.

Rag doll.

Blue zombie.

Zipped up.

Peace and love.

All cut up.

Poison ivy.

Botched plastic.

Carnival vibes.

The eyes have it.

Fortune teller.

Gem face.

Pumpkin lids.

Harley Quinn.

Simple and seductive.

Pretty in pink.

Just keep swimming.

Came through drippin’.

Bird eyes.

Half and half.

Smoky eyes and lips.

Ice queen.

Scary good freckles.

Eye see you.

Bloody good.

Lavender glow.

Fall fairy.

Sparkly scales.

Live in technicolor.

Golden goddess.

High on highlights.

Rainbow scales.

Tiny tear drops.

Paint-splattered lips.

Third eye vibes.

Bad to the bone.

Fabulous applique.

Jewel-toned lids.

Pearls and sequins.

Glow in the dark.

Welcome to the afterlife.

Batsh*t crazy.

Bug eyes.

Line it up.

Red hot.

Crackin’ me up.

In-your-face pink.


Smile for the camera.


Blood splatter.

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