Are You Ready to Wear Press-On Nails (Again)?

Julia DiNardo

There’s no denying the wide-spread obsession with intricate nail designs these days, and as most trends go, we tend to look to the past for inspiration and revive items that we may remember fondly and give them a second time around.  The next evolution of the nail trend points to ready-to-wear manicure sets, aka “press on nails,” with lines such as imPress Press On Manicure (fronted by Nicole Scherzinger) and M∙A∙C Cosmetics releasing trendy sets. The latest collection to catch our eye was indeed the new runway-ready M∙A∙C Ruffian collab, and M∙A∙C Senior Artist Keri Blair explained the appeal by stating, “Nail Art is back and it’s bigger and more accessible than ever. There are glitters, stickers, gems and gels all tantalizing even the most demure hands. Press on nail sets offer a way to change up your manicure in seconds flat, ensuring a picture perfect DIY manicure with zero dry time.”

Sounds perfect to us! We spoke with Blair in order to take a closer look at the new gorgeous M∙A∙C Ruffian nails, and learned some of the fashionable benefits of using artificial nails, plus garnered some tips along the way for a perfect application and removal.

About the nails: “M∙A∙C and Ruffian’s newest collection, featuring three press-on manicures Demilune (matte black with a gold tip), Spectator (cream and black moon manicure featuring the Ruffian Monogram), and Demoiselle (red and black in a fierce dagger shape) offers the ultimate fashion forward high-end accessory,” affirms Blair.  “These little canvases offer any woman a little piece of couture that compliments every night out.”

Custom Application: “A few other fun, and yet practical attributes to these nails is that the designs are formed into the nail, which makes it very easy to customize their shape perfectly to your own nail. By gently filing the edge (around the base, not the tips) with a nail file of 180 grade or higher you can gently shape them for a snug fit that gently lifts off at the end of the night,” Blair advises.

Removal: “Remove them simply by lifting the edge up and off the nail and storing them adhesive side down in their box, allowing for multiple usage. And because the adhesive is already embedded on the underside of the nail there is no mess. It’s a complete all in one set – practicality meets frivolity meets perfection!”