Prescriptives Vibrating Mascara


The Motor-Eyes Mascara, which has been available exclusively through QVC since December 27th, will finally hit Prescriptives counters nationwide on the 15th.

The newest of the vibrating mascaras, Motor-Eyes’ wand is designed to quickly coat and separate lashes, while its formula – with its unique blend of Smooth Volume Complex, crystal-clear film former, micro-ColorSpeed pigments, and a light gel-polymer base – is intended to increase volume, color, lift, and curl with minimal clumping, smudging, or flaking.

Just twist the cap at middle both to open the mascara and automatically activate the motor. To turn it off, just twist the cap tightly closed.

It sounds so good that I may finally get over my fear of using a vibrating wand near my eye.

Prescriptives Motor-Eyes Instant Action Mascara, $32, at

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