Premature Gray? Really?

Premature Gray

Almost twice a week I have a lovely come into the Ted Gibson Salon here in New York City with the same question – “Aren’t I too young to be going gray?” Of course my answer is “Absolutely!!! I can’t even believe you are getting gray hair!” Well, after doing a little bit of research, I guess I haven’t exactly been telling the truth.

Honestly there are so many variables in what determines if you are going gray prematurely. Here are some facts for you

•   If you are of Caucasian decent you are prematurely graying if you are starting to see your gray hair in your teens.
•   If you are of African or Asian decent you are prematurely graying if you start to see those pesky grays before you are 30.
•   Regardless of race or ethnic background if you are 50% or more gray by the time you turn 40, you are prematurely gray.

Although there have been studies done that potentially link prematurely gray hair to smoking, most of the reason why and when we go gray is based on genetics. While you are blaming you parents for the gene pool that gave you the gray, think of me, I have the solution!

Are you a prematurely gray gal (or guy)? What are your thoughts? LMK