Pre, During & Post Fashion Week Rituals: Essie Weingarten

Julia DiNardo

There really is no introduction necessary for beauty icon Essie Weingarten (yes, “THE Essie” — that can’t ever get old!). A salon and spa favorite worldwide as well as prominent presence backstage, Essie shared with us her pre, during and post-fashion week rituals which involve relaxation, hydration and the nail product that’s always found in her bag.

How do you mentally prepare, and what is your personal product regimen for the long hours under constant time constraint, the onslaught of interviews, and just general whirlwind?

To mentally prepare for the excitement and craziness of Fashion Week I try to always book a relaxing massage a couple of weeks prior. To ensure that my skin is glowing I go to see my esthetician for a facial and of course, I get a mani/pedi done right in time for Fashion Week.

Let’s talk shoes: do you have a wonderful, comfy pair that you rely upon during the week?

With the beautiful weather like we’ve been having this winter, I don’t wear anything, but open-toe sandals. Honestly! And I’m obsessed with my Givenchy sandals that allow for my freshly pedicured toes to peak out. This season I’m wearing essie in Limited Addiction.

What are three things that you must have on you, on a daily basis during Fashion Week?

1) My iPhone

2) My favorite memo pad

3) Bottle of water

Are there any great tips or tricks for making nails runway and photograph-worthy? A shiny topcoat perhaps?

There is no “one way is the right way” when it comes to runway nails. Bright pops of color, simple sheers, artistic expressions the possibilities are endless. The most important thing is keeping nails and hands as healthy as they can be. Always take care of the cuticles by applying essie apricot oil twice a day, be mindful to never cut cuticles (only push back!) and keep hands moisturized and soft.

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You’ve said before that you have your nail and toe essie shade go-tos during fashion week; what’s the secret to keeping a manicure looking fresh, especially during a busy time like fashion week, when your hands and the color you’ve chosen may be a topic of interest?

My go-to look is always two sheers, one layered on top of another. I like one coat of Blushing Bride with one coat of Mademoiselle, or Ballet Slippers paired with Sugar Daddy. It is a classic look that is so effortlessly chic. I also apply essie apricot oil to my cuticles every morning when I wake up and at night before I fall asleep. And, I keep essie Cuticle Pen in my pocket book so I have it all times it’s the secret to keeping nails looking healthy and in tip-top shape 100 percent of the time.

Over the years, what is the most important thing you’ve learned from this process?

From being involved in Fashion Week for so long, I’ve learned that you can’t go to every show. You must pick and choose, and you must pick carefully. Fashion Week is exhausting but very exciting! Pick wisely!