10 Weird Things That Happen to Your Body After Having a Baby

Korin Miller
Tatyana Tomsickova; Getty Images

Tatyana Tomsickova; Getty Images

Any mother will tell you that having a baby is an exhilarating, life-altering event, and you’re probably already aware that it can take time to get your pre-baby body back. However, there are some weird things no one talks about that happen to your body after your baby vacates the premises—some are temporary; others are definitely here to stay.

We got real moms to confess all the unusual, interesting, and just plain freaky things that happened to their bodies after having a baby. Whether you’re planning to have a kid someday or are just curious, you’ll definitely want to read this.

“I noticed that the hair on my right side of my body (legs, underarm, etc.) grew much longer and faster than the hair on my left side. In fact, the hair on my right forearm is still four times as long as the hair on the left—it’s never gone away! It doesn’t bother me…I think it’s kind of funny.” — Elizabeth

“My hips got wider during my pregnancy and stayed that way! I’m still not used to it. Now, I have to sleep with a pillow between my legs to stay comfortable.” — Amy

“I’ve always been a runner, but after having my adorable baby, running is certainly not the same. At first, I thought I may just dribble since my bladder control isn’t the same anymore, but now I have to wear a full on maxi-pad and even make sure I always run wearing dark-colored shorts! It’s okay, though—maxis are super absorbent these days!” — Meg

“I suddenly have a weird hair growing from my chin after giving birth. It’s super embarrassing and I never notice it until I’m driving in the car and I see it in the mirror.” — Samantha

“My feet got larger and continue to get bigger. I now wear a size and a half larger than I did when I had my first child!” — Jan

“Right after giving birth was the worst. My labia were so swollen, they practically touched my knees from all the pushing. When the epidural wore off and I got into the shower, I felt something between my legs. I thought the midwife put some kind of dressing down there after she sewed me up but forgot to tell me about it, so I reached down to remove it. And nope, there was no dressing—just really stretched out labia.” — Lindsay

“After I had my baby, I noticed that my leg hair started growing at a much faster rate than before. I now have to shave every morning and I’ll sometimes have stubble at the end of the day!” — Ginney

“I was excited to have big boobs during pregnancy, but I knew they wouldn’t last. I didn’t realize my nipples would deflate after pregnancy and nursing as well. They literally droop on top of my now-AA cup breasts. Plus, they no longer get stimulated like they once did.” — Kate

“Despite all the exercise in the world, the extra fat around my stomach area won’t go away. Neither will the slightly distended belly below the fat. It’s a true mom pouch.” — Laura

“A thick head of hair was a pregnancy perk for me, but about five months after having my daughter I noticed that it was coming out in clumps in the shower, sometimes a whole fistful. She’s now seven months old and it still happens.” — Mandy

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