The Easiest Way to Make Your Pores (And Fine Lines!) Look Smaller

Victoria Moorhouse
Products That Blur Wrinkles

Photo: Dougal Waters / Getty Images

When it comes to perfect skin, even the most dedicated foundation lover knows that achieving an even skin tone is only half the battle. Getting a silky smooth, flawless complexion—free of enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and rough patches—often requires a bit more work than slathering on a tinted moisturizer. Sure, exfoliation is a good long-term solution, but anyone who’s accidentally scrubbed with heavy hand knows doing that in excess is just asking for more problems.

While visits to the facialist or an Instagram filter may help, minimizing pores and erasing fine lines could be as easy as adding a new product to your makeup routine. Welcome to the brave new world of blurring products.

“Blurring products are popular because they are very versatile and can be used both underneath and in lieu of makeup,” explains dermatologist Dr. Murad. “Blur products typically work to smooth out the skin’s surface, evening out enlarged pores, fine lines, or other textural imperfections and leave the complexion with a demi-matte finish. Because of this, they’re ideal as makeup primers or as instant skin perfectors.”

They typically come in the form of moisturizers or skin care-focused products that you slather on before foundation. Basically, they make putting on makeup easier and give you a better, more even skin surface.

“While each formula is different, most blur products are meant to allow for a much smoother makeup application,” he tells us. “This is because, in addition to camouflaging imperfection and smoothing out the skin’s surface, bluring products are typically silicone-based, which adheres to makeup and creates a bond between the skin and the foundation.”

While most products are temporary—meaning they won’t leave you with a smoother texture forever—some products do have anti-aging perks built-in to the formulas. Dr. Murad notes his Invisiblur Perfecting Shield holds an SPF 30, which obviously is the easiest way to avoid premature aging caused by the sun—AKA the fine lines you’ll eventually attempt to cover up. Intrigued? We rounded up a few for you to investigate below.

algenist The Easiest Way to Make Your Pores (And Fine Lines!) Look Smaller

Photo: Algenist

Algenist Subline Defense Anti-Aging Blurring Moisturizer ($75,

This product from Algenist gives you an instant blur while moisturizing. The super light, whipped formula creates a “veil” of perfection with its ingredient combo of alguronic acid and extremophile complea, but also holds an SPF 30.

philosophy The Easiest Way to Make Your Pores (And Fine Lines!) Look Smaller

Photo: Philosophy


Instant Miracle Worker Line-Erasing Blur Stick ($32,

Quite possibly the easiest way to make pores or fine lines less visible, Philosophy turned to a stick to get the job done. Lightly swipe this little item over the problem area to see a blurred result. You can use it as a primer or over makeup, as you choose.

murad The Easiest Way to Make Your Pores (And Fine Lines!) Look Smaller

Photo: Murad

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 ($65,

As we mentioned before, this product is a primer/SPF combo that smooths over your skin, making applying color cosmetics way easier. A little goes a long way, but remember that it doesn’t replace your moisturizer, so don’t delete hydration out of your routine.

As this is a temporary fix, you should definitely still practice healthy cleansing and exfoliation to get your skin as naturally smooth as possible. Think of these little bottles as a boost to a photo-ready complexion.