Summer’s Most Popular Hair Colors, According to Salon Experts

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Summer’s Most Popular Hair Colors, According to Salon Experts
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Your gut may tell you to lighten up come summer—and when it comes to hair color, it’s not far off. However, because hair color trends are always changing (the rainbow hair movement can prove that), we were curious as to what salon professionals and hair experts could deem as the season’s most popular hair colors. No shock here: highlights and pastels are still ruling the roost, but the placement is intensely strategic so that they look as natural as possible. It’s not 2012’s dramatic ombre anymore!

We talked to the coolest hair experts to find out what the most popular hair colors are this season. Prepare to call your colorist, stat.

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Lived-In Color

"Deconstructed" and "effortless" continue to reign as two of the top adjectives used when describing highly coveted beauty looks—and that goes for hair color, too. "I travel all over the country visiting cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and NYC. The one request that I notice over and over again is my 'Lived in Color' trend," says celebrity colorist and co-owner of the Ramirez Tran Salon, Johnny Ramirez. "This is a color technique that I have perfected and my customers come to see me for. They follow me on social media and bring screen grabs of some of their favorite looks."

He describes the natural-looking gradient of highlights and colors as a "cool California look that doesn't seem like you spent 6 hours in the salon trying to achieve."

Photo: Instagram: @johnnyramirez1

Warm Honey Blondes
Instead of platinum, colorists are seeing more requests for a warmer touch to blonde. "We’re playing off various shades of warm honey tones in blondes that make them soft," says Jeffrey Tam, Colorist at Fekkai 5th Avenue.

While there are different approaches you can do to get this look, Tiffanie Richards, Colorist at Nunzio Saviano Salon in NYC, says she uses a highlighting technique. "Hair naturally lightens from the sun so highlighting in the salon just speeds up the process."

Photo: Imaxtree


Pinks, blues, and lavenders aren't going away any time soon, but they'll be harder to keep up with in the warmer seasons! "Pastel colors are in for the summer. They're not easily maintained because the summer sun fades them more quickly then any other season. Also, you have to be extremely careful while swimming while rocking a pastel hue. The chlorine has the potential to completely strip it out," says Richards.


Photo: Imaxtree

Lighter Ends

"Colors this season are all about being natural and playful. Brunettes are rich, accenting with softer ends," says Tam. To create ends that are softer by nature, those at Fekkai are leanings towards a balayage technique—something Tam says the brand is considered a pioneer of. "We are working with natural bases and creating softer ends while working with hair’s natural texture. We’re definitely staying away from high contrast color."

Overall, the looks that Tam says they are creating looks that are "resembling children's hair as a point of measure."

Photo: Imaxtree

Face-Framing Highlights

Ask your stylist for highlights, but keep the attention around your face! "A lot of girls are liking to be a bit blonder around the face—think Victoria Secret models," says Richards. "Brightening the hairline allows you to have the feel of an overall lightening while keeping the roots a bit darker throughout the rest of the head. This is a trend because it goes along with the whole ombré look that is still very much in style."

Photo: Imaxtree

As Richards says ombre is still in style, you can expect to see it—but with a slightly less dramatic gradient as it has been done with in years past. This look, as demonstrated on Richards' Instagram, gives a preview of a soft ombre with honey-gold highlights.

Photo: Instagram: @tiffanierichardsnyc

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