Why 60 Million People Have Watched These Blackhead-Squeezing Videos

Why 60 Million People Have Watched These Blackhead-Squeezing Videos
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Truth time: You’re a picker, I’m a picker, we’re all pickers. And as much as we shame you for messing with your zits, bumps, and blackheads (you really shouldn’t do it—picking destroys your skin and can lead to scarring and infections, so keep your hands off your face), it’s also an inevitable part of life that is weirdly satisfying…until the self-loathing kicks in, and you hate yourself for ruining your skin. Which is probably why the internet is straight-up obsessed with pimple-popping and black-head squeezing videos, to the point where some of them have racked up more than 20 million views, like this gem:

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Yeah, more truth time: I literally had to cover my eyes when researching these videos, because even its preview set off my gag reflex (I, for one, am not a subscriber to these channels). Clearly, though, there’s a market for videos like this, seeing as the internet freaked out this week over a blackhead-removal video posted to Facebook, with more than 22-million people having watched it so far.

But because you’ve probably already seen it, been entranced by it, and shared it with all of your friends, we’ve decided to do the gross dirty work of rounding up a new set of blackhead-squeezing videos to appease your picking needs, which have a combined view count of 60 million—so you know they’re good. Scroll down to see the darlings of the internet, and make sure you’re not anywhere near food when you click play. Happy Friday!


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