Revamp Your Ponytail with These Runway Inspirations

Revamp Your Ponytail with These Runway Inspirations
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A ponytail is a solid hairstyle choice really for any season. Whether you wear a pony during the fall paired with a big scarf, or you go sleek and straight for a classy night out on the town, ponytails are always a perfect fit.

Since it is such an accessible hairstyle though, it can get boring and stale after a while. Do you love wearing a pony but just aren’t sure how to spice up your average style? To keep from re-wearing the same old basic pony, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite runway ponytails for a serious revamp. From messy to sleek to accessorized, see which ponytails inspire your next look. We’re willing to bet you find a whole new level of love for the ponytail thanks to these!

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A classier casual ponytail for your average day out, we love this look. Create subtle waves at the ends, pulling hair back low and loose. To clean it up, wrap a strand of hair around the elastic and pin into place. 


We love that this style goes from sleek and straight on top into natural waves within the pony.

Photo: Andrea Adriani/

This is a fun way to amp up your average straight pony. Grab your flat iron, a teasing comb, an elastic, and some light hold hairspray to keep this style looking chic. 

Photo: /

This simple and relaxed ponytail that will never go out of style. You just take a small clear elastic, like pictured, and fasten your hair with it at the nape of your neck. The small clear elastic works best because it does not pull in hair tighly, allowing for the loose and casual hair up top. 


We're in love with this sleek side pony. The key to getting this style is to create a deep side part on the opposite side of the ponytail, direct the hair over, and clean up flyaways with light hold hairspray. 

Photo: Antonello Trio

The complete opposite of sleek and straight, this full grungy pony is all about texture. Create the texture before you pull it back, and then use some texture spray for help. Spray some Chi Infra Texture Dual Action Hairspray all over and shake your fingers through. This will give it the grunge of a texturizing spray and the hold of a hairspray to messily seperate and loosen the hair. 


Have your ponytail make a statement with a bold accessory like this giant bow. Whether you go this big or choose a smaller alternative, hair accessories are very on trend right now. 

Photo: Davide Gallizio

Wrapping a single strand of hair around your elastic is the oldest trick in the book for upping your ponytail game, but take on a bit more hair for a grunge look. 


Chic and simple, this style has the perfect amount of oomph going on up top. Finish the look with a shine spray to keep it polished!


We're all about a high ponytail, especially when it has a little something extra going on. The small braided detail gives a little more height and a lot more eye candy to the look.  


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