Instagram Insta-Glam: How to Add Interest to Your Ordinary Ponytail

Emily Smith
Instagram Insta-Glam: How to Add Interest to Your Ordinary Ponytail
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Unless you enjoy having your hair constantly stuck to your freshly glossed lips on a daily basis, you love a good ponytail. The effortless yet chic look of a slicked back pony has been seen on many runways for the 2012 collections, including one of my favorites, Herve Leger. Herve provided a new beauty trend that almost everyone can pull off. Ponytails cannot only be worn for a casual Sunday stroll or morning workouts, but they can also be glammed up for black tie events.

One aspect of the ponytail that we love is the fact that it takes significantly less time and effort than trying to vamp up your look with voluminous curls or hassling with your wide tooth comb to create the perfect middle part.  However, unless you manage to concoct a way to perfect a polished pony, this hairdo is certainly capable of making one look frumpy. Don’t fall into that trap, but instead style your ordinary pony into something beyond words.

Check out these looks that are based off of your typical ponies; however, by adding texture and inventive techniques, you’ll certainly have the crowd staring at you from the time you walk into the room, to the time you leave.

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A crown-braid not only gets those annoying flyways out of sight, but it also gives your pony a fun, beachy feeling.

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Photo: Instagram user: _passion_4_fashion_/Instagram user: _passion_4_fashion_

This braiding technique is one that seems effortless, but looks alluring from the back as well.

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Photo: Instagram user: beauty_around_the_world/Instagram user: beauty_around_the_world

Loose and tousled side ponies are an easy way to add a sultry touch to any outfit.

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Photo: Instagram user: passion_4_fashion/Instagram user: passion_4_fashion

Braids are not only a quick mechanism to add an interesting flair to your ponytail, but they're also super easy to construct yourself!

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Photo: Instagram user: nefradabney/Instagram user: nefradabney

We know this trend has been seen on actual horses, but why not try it out yourself? We can't say "nay" to this trend!

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Photo: Instagram user: purplemango/Instagram user: purplemango

A simple twist is one way to spice up your once dull side pony.

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Photo: Instagram user: rubberduckiez24/Instagram user: rubberduckiez24

Polish your pony by securing a bit of hair around a mid to high ponytail, or add more texture with a wrapped braid.

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Photo: Instagram user: showmecute/Instagram user: showmecute

Wrapping a section of hair around the base of a high-placed pony completes this sleek look.

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Photo: Instagram user: instantfashionfreek/Instagram user: instantfashionfreek

This ponytail can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how your wardrobe compliments your hair.

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Photo: Instagram user: caroline_sutfin/Instagram user: caroline_sutfin

We're not quite sure how to achieve this look, but whatever this basket-weaving technique is that she's got going on, we certainly love it!

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Photo: Instagram user: beauseimhuman/Instagram user: beauseimhuman

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