Plus-Size Hair Salons: Are They Really Necessary?

Rachel Adler

The U.K. has opened their first plus-sized hair salon because there is apparently a calling for speciality “roomier” salons. According to the Daily Mail, stylist Trim Bashar Brown opened the salon in his home because he learned that overweight clients felt discriminated against in regular salons.

The salon, called Hair By Bashar, features extra-large seats, roomier gowns and even wide-neck basins for washing hair. “I’ve been a hairdresser for years. Increasingly, larger women were telling me how they hate going to the salon because they are filled with slim, glamorous women.”

I can understand wanting to be comfortable at your hair salon, but I thought that salons are all about glamour and the end result — which is of course you walking away looking beautiful — not segregating yourselves from a specific weight category. I would assume here that Bashar believes that plus-size women can be glamourous too, so why not make them look gorgeous and give them the confidence that every woman needs in the same salon?

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