Beauty Challenge: Sam & Nic of Pixiwoo Apply Makeup With Their Eyes Closed

Rachel Adler

In our latest video series, we’ve decided to put beauty skills to the test. You may very well be an avid lipstick wearer or think of yourself as a cat-eye pro, but could you really apply the perfect look without a mirror? Or – gasp – do both simultaneously? We’ll be asking some of our favorites celebrities and beauty stars to put their skills to the test, and see if they pass our beauty challenge.

We have a fond appreciation for YouTube beauty gurus – their ability to show us countless new beauty tricks and transformations while seamlessly bringing us into their lives simply cannot be replicated. One of our favorite YouTube duos is Pixiwoo, the British darlings (and sisters) who also created their own brush line, Real Techniques.

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During a recent press day in New York for their Real Techniques Road Tour, we caught up with Sam and Nic Chapman to put their beauty skills to the test for our latest Beauty Bonanza Challenge. We had both girls attempt to apply makeup – with their eyes closed – while the other guided them through the process. Watch the video above as Nic attempts a smokey eye, and Sam tries her hand at filling in her brows – all without being able to see what they’re doing.