Kate Mara and Pixie Judgement: Why Do We Shame Women With Short Hair?

Alle Connell


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Kate Mara’s brand new pixie is, hands down, one of our favorite haircuts of the summer. But it seems like not everyone shares our opinion; the actress has been getting her fair share of flack lately about her super-short style.

“You’re way, way hot,” said radio host Southside Steve to Mara, in an interview promoting Fantastic Four. “Why’d you cut the hair? Your hair was beautiful,” before telling her “You’re going to grow your hair back.”

Then, in an interview with Kelly Ripa this morning, Kate shared another instance of what we can only call Pixie Judgement: “I text messaged my dad the other day saying I miss you, and his response was, I miss your hair. So, thanks Dad!”

This isn’t exactly a new sentiment. Over and over again, whenever a female celebrity cuts her hair short, we hear the same old rhetoric: short cuts aren’t cute on women. They aren’t feminine. Men don’t understand them, so why bother?

That sentiment is boring, as well as being totally, demonstrably untrue? All you have to do is look at Charlize’s incredibly chic pixie to see how gorgeous short hair can be, and if a man that you like genuinely wouldn’t be into you if your hair was short, that might be a sign that you’re better off without him.

But the real issue is that this general climate of criticism and distaste takes its toll, not just on celebrities, but on us. How many women aren’t getting the short haircut of their dreams because they’re scared of not looking “feminine,” or they’re worried about what people will say about it? We say that’s garbage. Women should be free to make their own beauty choices, whatever those turn out to be, and they should feel confident when they make those choices. Hair and makeup is fun, and it lets you express who you are to the entire world—outdated rules about what you should or should never do with your appearance are so over.

Here is Kate Mara’s current haircut. Whether you’re looking to get a pixie cut or not, you have to acknowledge that it is objectively fabulous.

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A little bit mod, this short, straight style brings loads of attention to Kate’s amazing cheekbones and big eyes. Plus, she loves it: “I don’t have to wash it now, I don’t have to brush it. I love it.”

And let’s be really clear: when it comes to Kate Mara’s hair, the only opinion that matters is hers. Pixie Judgement be damned; life is too short to not have a haircut that you love.

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