Pixel Hair Is The Newest Hair Color Trend

Sable Yong
Courtesy of Instagram: @hilightessence

Courtesy of Instagram: @hilightessence

Anyone searching for the latest and greatest hair color trend, your bold beauty cravings can be satiated by pixelated hair. What even is that though? The name leaves much to the imagination, but after seeing what it is you have to admit that it looks supremely excellent. For such an avant-garde hairstyle, it’s surprising how much we’ve seen it popping up on real people via Instagram, not just hair show models. The fun part is that you can design the pixels any which way you desire, and it makes a pretty huge statement with minimal damage to your hair. Only catch is that in order for this to look its sharpest, it needs to be done on very straight sleek hair. If that naturally grows out of your head– congratulations! If it doesn’t, you may be committing to a LOT of flat ironing which we all know can be very damaging to hair when done too often.

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As insanely high-maintenance as this hair color trend looks, can you imagine rolling up to a party/work/school with perfectly pixelated hair? Hair flips would be so much more… digital, for lack of better term. Look up the Instagram hashtag, #xpresionpixel for all these amazing looks (coined by X-presion Creativos, who create all these geometric looks in Madrid).

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