10 Pinterest Hairstyles Perfect For Fall

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10 Pinterest Hairstyles Perfect For Fall
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Are you looking for Pinterest Hairstyles For Summer instead? 

As much as we love our go-to summer hairstyles, with fall approaching and back-to-school sales abundant, we’re starting to itch for some new looks to spice up the summer mix. And after a few long, hot months, there’s nothing fresher than hair actually on your neck. We know, it suddenly feels like a strange, new concept, but we’re all about exploring new horizons and breaking down boundaries. So with that in mind, we took to Pinterest in search of some hair inspiration to accompany the biggest fall beauty trends.

We came up with braids, buns, ponies and just about every other hairstyle under the sun. Braids add freshness to hair down styles and novelty when hidden in buns and tails, and best of all, once you have the basics down they’re just about the easiest things to do. Second best of all, most look great with gritty, roughed up hair, which is the most fall texture of all to us. Click through for some ideas to look forward to, or throw caution to the wind and go for them now.

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A fresh headband braid! And here we thought we'd never see the day. This is two braids subtly crossed over each other, which isn't quite new. But we love that the rest of her hair is free-flowing instead of pulled back or otherwise styled--it sets it apart from the multitude of other crown braid 'dos.

Image via Model Mayhem

Photo: Image via Model Mayhem/Image via Model Mayhem

This braid's practically fall perfection, even without her pretty pumpkin hue. Pull back two small sections on either side with bobby pins, and then start braiding from the nape of your neck. Guaranteed gorgeous.

Image via Prepfection

Photo: Image via Prepfection/Image via Prepfection

The half-pulled back look gets an update with two braids from either side tucked under each other, then pinned in place. It's a bit "Khaleesi in the City," which is really the only look we're ever going for.

Image via She Lets Her Hair Down

Photo: Image via She Lets Her Hair Down/Image via She Lets Her Hair Down

This pony is gorgeously windswept, but very unfortunately, not all of us have a wind machine at our disposal. Instead, rough strands up with a dry shampoo or volumizer to get some volume at the roots, and then loosely pull hair back into a pony just below the crown of your head. Her long, piecey bangs give the look a great effortlessness, so even if your "bangs" are just shorter layers, feel free to leave 'em out.

Image via Designspiration

Photo: Image via Designspiration/Image via Designspiration

Low side braids are perfect for day, night and every second in between, but what really makes this one special is her ideally messy bangs.

Image via Primp and Wear

Photo: Image via Primp and Wear/Image via Primp and Wear

Sometimes (most times) it doesn't get sleeker than a bun. We love that this one is so casual. Don't pull ends all the way through for a similar look, and leave some pieces free at the front to frame that face of yours.

Image via La Belle Vie

Photo: Image via La Belle Vie/Image via La Belle Vie

Low ponies are huge for fall, and this one gets a pretty twist with a literal twist of hair around the elastic. That's no big news, though, so try using a larger than usual section to cover it for added drama.

Image via The Daily Snip

Photo: Image via The Daily Snip/Image via The Daily Snip

A ponytail and a fishtail? It's like the Frankenstein of fantastic hairstyles, otherwise known as the "ponyfish." Just make your typical high pony, and fishtail into greatness. 

Image via Tales From the Shoal

Photo: Image via Tales from the Shoal/Image via Tales from the Shoal

This is a fresh spin on the half-pulled back style, and we're excited. To get a similar look, pull a section back from one side of your head and pin it together with a small section from the back. Cover with a section from the other side, and bobby pin that in place. Hairspray for added confidence, security and general happiness.

Image via Women's Styles & Care

Photo: Image via Women's Styles & Care/Image via Women's Styles & Care

This is a slightly complicated look, but the pay-off's definitely worth it. Start by doing a tiny braid, then twist the other side of your hair like you were making a rolled pony. Gather all the hair that's left, and pin it into your average low bun. Phew! 

Image via Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

Photo: Image via Long Hairstyles How To/Image via Long Hairstyles How To

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