Pinterest’s New Beauty Trends Prove We’re All Embracing “Imperfections”

Elizabeth Denton
Pinterest’s New Beauty Trends Prove We’re All Embracing “Imperfections”
Photo: Pinterest.

They say lipstick sales go up during a recession because cash-strapped consumers want to treat themselves. Beauty trends during difficult times can say a lot about how we’re feeling as a society. Pinterest’s beauty trends for 2020 show that many of us are worrying less about the small stuff (that pimple) and embracing what comes naturally. Sure, that has to do with salons and spas being closed but it’s likely more than that.

In 2019, Pinterest’s beauty trends showed we’re finally breaking down gender norms once and for all as “gender-neutral haircuts” were trending. This year, we’re not just embracing diverse skin tones but we’re actually celebrating them. According to Pinterest, global searches for beauty results based on skin tone were some of the top trending searches. These include “soft natural makeup for Black women,” “brown hair colors for fair skin” and “nude lipstick for dark skin.” Now, you have the capability to search by skin tone on the platform.

skin tone selector

Image: Pinterest.

It looks like we’re also embracing our natural beauty this year and traits that might have been seen as something to “fix” are now trending. “natural hairstyles” were searched 2.5x more and and “natural curly hair cuts“ were up six times. This goes for “imperfections,” too. “Black girls with freckles” was searched twice as often, “red hair freckles” 5.4 times and “Asian freckles” is up 59 percent.

Men are also getting into beauty and grooming even more than ever. Hair searches including “Black men beard styles“ (up 3.9x), “grey beards” (up 3x), “long hairstyles for men” (up 25x), “afro hairstyles men” (up 7.7x) and “curly hairstyles” (up 19x) are continually going up.

We’re hoping when we’re on the other side of COVID-19, folks will still be embracing their natural hair and freckles. If one good thing could come out of this time, it’s that we all start to like ourselves a little more.

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