Pink Gave Herself a Haircut While Tipsy Because What Else Is There to Do

Elizabeth Denton
Pink Gave Herself a Haircut While Tipsy Because What Else Is There to Do
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We’ve been self-distancing long enough that you might be getting the urge to do your own nails, pluck your eyebrows and maybe even cut your hair. Once you see Pink’s haircut video, it might be tempting to do the latter but…we don’t recommend it. Giving yourself even a trim is seriously risky and you might regret it. Luckily, Pink’s DIY haircut was successful—at least mostly. But that’s not surprising since we know she’s badass with a buzzcut.

“I wanted to share something I did last night,” Pink says in an Instagram video posted to her account. “When I drink, I get really, really brilliant ideas and last night, I got an idea. I can cut hair. I can totally cut hair. Why have I been paying people all this time?” Pink proceeds to show off her somewhat-uneven pixie. “I think I’m looking pretty good,” she says. “Am I giving you Alyssa Milano vibes? Charlize Theron?” Though, she notes, “I might try to fix it tonight.” Oops. She finishes the video with: “Stay safe, stay home, cut your own hair. Screw it.”

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Again, we can’t recommend cutting your own strands but being home way more than usual is a good time to try out some new beauty products and treatments. Put down the scissors and give a retinol a try, experiment with some nail art or discover a new hair mask. You might find your new favorite once we’re able to go outside again. Just leave the buzzers to Pink, please.