Pink Hair & Bleached Brows: Is This a Thing?

Rachel Adler
Pink Hair & Bleached Brows: Is This a Thing?
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So now that we’ve done what we can with the dip-dyed hair trend (not that we’re tired of it or anything, but we must expand our horizons) we’ve gone on to our full heads. Capturing our attention with vibrant, shiny pink strands in BCBG Max Azria’s FW 2011 ad campaign shots, the hair somehow draws my gaze away from the bright and intricate dresses.

If you notice, not only is her hair shockingly pink, but her brows are also bleached, leaving the main focus on that gorgeous color. Which of course got me thinking — first of all, why are we getting rid of brows again? And secondly, is vibrant hair and no brows going to become a thing?

This isn’t the only place we’ve seen this. If you think back to Lady Gaga’s May 2011 Harper’s Bazaar cover, she too had cotton candy pink hair and bleached brows. Gaga of course had some extremely dark eye makeup to match, but the brows were taken away.

We also can’t forget Nylon Mexico’s April 2011 Think Pink editorial featuring model Romy de Vries. With pink hair, pink lipstick and pink blush, Romy rocked light brows as well. Now this of course brings us to the question – was this all brought on by model Charlotte Free, who famously dyed her hair pink after a bad breakup? Or, were we just waiting to get our hands into the bright colors?

What do you think of the new trend? Would you dye your hair a bright shade?