Can Your Pillow Really Give You Perfect Skin?

Rachel Adler


We all love a great night cream that works while we dream, but many of us are cautious about layering too many products for fear of causing a breakout. What if you could get the results those creams promise you without slathering on anything at all? Well, that’s what some of the latest pillowcases are promising—yes, pillowcases.

Illuminage, a company that makes copper-infused pillowcases ($60), promises to help you get a youthful glow while you sleep. Copper is known to help fight aging since the mineral helps to naturally promote skin’s renewal process. So instead of layering creams with copper on your skin, you can reportedly lay your face on a copper-infused pillowcase all night long for the same results.

Another brand, Nüfabrx, aims to help blemish-prone skin with pillowcases ($29.99) created from bamboo fiber infused with tea tree, wintergreen, and lavender oils. The heat from your body releases these ingredients onto your skin to help soothe your face while you snooze.

We love an easy skin trick—and this certainly is one—but we’ve been sleeping on our copper pillowcases for a couple of months now, and while they definitely help keep our hair in shape due to their silky texture (less breakage!), we’re not sold on the skin benefits.

Still, these pillowcases work on the theory that minerals absorb through your skin as it gets damp when you sleep (because, yes, we all sweat during the night), so it can’t hurt to give them a try if you’re curious.

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