Allergic to Gluten? You Need to Know About This New Pill

margaret zhang food instagramPhoto: @margaret__zhang

Anyone who’s allergic to glutenactually allergic, not just a self-diagnosed bread-a-phobe–knows that celiac disease is a serious, autoimmune condition caused by a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Now, researchers at the University of Alberta think they’ve developed a supplement that will make it safe for celiac sufferers to eat all that good stuff with no side effects.

Right now, the only option for anyone diagnosed with an allergy is to avoid gluten completely. However, the new pill would allow the one in 133 Americans who suffer from a gluten intolerance to eat and drink things like bread, pasta, pizza, and beer without painful side effects (stomach pain, bloating, fatigue, headaches, and anemia, to name a few.)

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Put simply, the pill works by binding with gluten in the stomach to help to neutralize it, which acts as a defense to the small intestine and limits the symptoms of a gluten intolerance.

Before you start dialing for Domino’s though, you should know scientists expect it will take another three years for this pill to be available, at which time it’s expected to be sold over-the-counter at drug stores. The next step is a trial to test the pill’s effectiveness, slated to happen within the next year.