9 Super-Fit Pilates Gurus to Follow on Instagram

9 Super-Fit Pilates Gurus to Follow on Instagram
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There’s a certain kind of body you get only by either a) winning the genetic lottery or b) becoming a Pilates devotee. You know the type we’re talking about: long, lean, strong, and toned with perfect posture and superhuman levels of flexibility.

Those new to Pilates, as well as those who just dabble in the exercise form, can look to Instagram to progress their practice. Here, trainers are sharing how-to videos, tips, and motivational snaps that are a hell of a lot cheaper than paying $35 to visit your neighborhood studio. In fact, in the gallery ahead we’re highlighting nine of our favorite female Pilates gurus dishing out the #fitspo right now. Keep scrolling!

Heather Andersen

Heather Andersen might be the woman behind one of downtown Manhattan’s buzziest reformer fitness studios, New York Pilates, but she originally moved to the city to chase a dream of becoming a professional ballerina before falling head over heels for Pilates. Side note: You should also follow her studio’s Instagram for quick Pilates routine videos to try yourself.

The Pilates PT

The Pilates PT (real name: Hollie Grant) is a freakishly fit British instructor slash marathon addict who once ran seven marathons in seven days. Aside from the free workout videos she shares on Instagram, there’s also a full online program that you can buy on her website.


With well over a million Instagram followers, Pilates guru Cassey Ho is the MVP of Instagram influencers in the Pilates space. She offers free videos on Instagram and YouTube and also an activewear line that’s pretty freaking cute.

Real Pilates NYC

Alycea Ungaro brought some of the very first mat Pilates classes to Manhattan when she opened a small, private space hidden in a residential building across from the Highline. Word of her body-sculpting classes spread through New York’s fashion and music crowd, and she soon opened studios in Tribeca and Soho.

Lottie Murphy

Aside from being able to do a headstand and the splits (consider us impressed), Lottie Murphy is a Pilates teacher, lifestyle blogger, and health coach. If for no other reason, follow her just for the splits photos. Crazy.

Vie Pilates

Run by instructors Sylvia Bastianon and Breaker Roberts, this Australian studio is a good one to follow for advice on ways to perfect your technique. Or, failing that, let your mind be boggled by Bastion’s insane strength and form.

Karen Lord Pilates

The supermodel and celebrity crowd flock to Karen Lord Pilates Movement in Tribeca—Lord’s one of New York’s most recognized instructors.

Peta Serras

Pilates instructor and blogger Peta Serras shares little fitness tips and plenty of #fitspo that will have you using up all your ClassPass sessions at solely reformer studios this month.


Celebrity trainer Amy Jordan launched WundaBar in L.A. and NYC, creating what is now one of the buzziest Pilates-hybrid classes in the country. While classes are focused on the Pilates principles and biomechanics, the workout is much more high-energy then your regular reformer class.